Why do I need mattress cleaning?

Mattresses are most attractive to bacteria, skin cells, dirt, dust mites, allergens, viruses, cat hair, dog hair, human hair, body perspiration and what not! Spotless mattress cleaning offers a speck-less service that makes your mattresses free from unwanted baggage, which could be fatal for you and your family. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take care of your family and ensure your mattresses are utterly clean and are cleaned frequently for the well-being of your loved ones. Call us and you won’t regret availing our mattress cleaning service!

Does your team work on weekends too? When is a good time to call you?

Yes, our team at Spotless Mattress Cleaning works on weekends and public holidays too. We aim to provide you complete convenience and absolute comfort, so we are available on weekends too.
Our customer service executives are accessible 24×7 any day of the week. So just don’t look at your watch and book your next mattress cleaning with us right away!

How much I need to pay?

Spotless Mattress Cleaning offers cost-effective solutions for your mattresses. From mattress cleaning, stain removal, odor removal, mattress anti-allergen cleaning, mattress dry cleaning, mattress steam cleaning, to mattress sanitizing – we have the capability to handle everything at a very affordable cost.
However, for a rough estimate for your mattress cleaning requirement we would like you to give us a few details. You just need to answer certain questions that our executives will have for you and we will provide you a rough estimate for your needs.

Why Spotless? Are you different from others?

Spotless Mattress Cleaning offers optimum mattress cleaning services in all suburbs of Melbourne. We have a tradition to provide more than expected to our valued customers. We are habitual of giving unbeatable performance with our high-tech cleaning tools and highly-effective chemical-free cleaning solutions. We are locals of Melbourne so we know the town very well. Also, we have been serving our respected clients for more than a decade now. This experience adds to our talent and improves our confidence to do better every time. We offer flexible timings so that you do not have to mess your busy schedule. Moreover, we guarantee our performance so you don’t have to worry about being cheated with Spotless Mattress Cleaning!

How can I let strangers enter my home for mattresses?

Our team at Spotless Mattress Cleaning includes certified and experienced cleaners who are fully insured. This gives us an advantage over our competitors who can’t provide guarantee for their cleaners. On the contrary, with us you do not have to agonize about strangers entering your home. First of all, each of our cleaner is insured and secondly, we have complete details of every cleaner. So, you and your home are safe with us.

I am working during the day, can I call after 6 pm?

Yes, you can. We understand that during your working hours you cannot take out time for mattress cleaning. So we keep ourselves available in evenings too. In fact, our customer advisors are working round the clock so you can give us a call and make an appointment anytime of the day.

Does mattress cleaning lead to healthier bedding too?

A professional and proper mattress cleaning unquestionably leads to healthier bedding. Spotless Mattress Cleaners very well know that one motive for mattress cleaning is to make it healthy for your loved ones. Our latest cleaning methods, non-toxic cleaning solutions, and high-tech cleaning equipment help our trained and experienced cleaners to provide healthier bedding that is germ-free, contaminants-free and allergen-free.
Switch to a healthier living by giving us a call now! 1800 092 119

Can you guarantee my satisfaction?

That is the one thing we assure you of. Yes, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal at Spotless Mattress Cleaning Melbourne. Our entire team, our work process, our cleaning treatments, our modus operandi – everything is designed to ensure that we satisfy our customers to the utmost level. We hate dissatisfied clients and thus we make sure not to add them to our list.

Can you do mattress sanitizing in Melbourne?

Yes, we do mattress sanitizing too. As a matter of fact, our mattress cleaning treatment involves the sanitizing process. Our sanitization process ensures that your mattresses are not just clean from outside but from inside too. This makes sure that no contaminants, bacteria, fungi, or any other pollutant gets to live in your bed anymore. Hire Spotless Mattress Cleaning Melbourne for a complete mattress cleaning experience.

Can you perform stain removal for my mattresses?

Spotless Mattress Cleaning Melbourne delivers spotless mattresses with its exceptional mattress cleaning services. Stain removal from mattresses is an essential part of the complete cleaning process. Our experts will first pre-treat the stains of your mattresses and if they find some hard to be removed stains then they will use strong cleaning solutions accordingly. Our certified professionals are expert and experienced in stain removal from mattresses. Call us for a free quote!

What is your mattress cleaning procedure?

Spotless Mattress Cleaning Melbourne has come up with a mattress cleaning process that ensures your mattresses get the best of cleaning and you see effective outcomes. We begin by inspecting your mattresses and after the initial inspection our experts decide whether it should be treated with mattress dry cleaning or mattress steam cleaning. We have special treatments for stains to make sure we eliminate all of them. And once we are done with the cleaning, we deodorize and sanitize your mattresses to make them safer for your loved ones. Our full-fledged mattress cleaning process ensures that your mattresses become free from soil, dust, dirt, bacteria, and all other harmful contaminants.

Shouldn’t I just vacuum my mattress and save money?

You can clean your mattresses with vacuum with a HEPA filter system. However, just vacuuming the mattresses is not sufficient enough. You need professional help because regular vacuum cleaners suck out the dirt and soil and bring it close to the surface. This is more dangerous for the health of the users. So it is advisable to get your mattresses cleaned often by professional mattress cleaners.

Why should I choose you for mattress cleaning services?

Spotless Mattress Cleaning Melbourne gives you plenty of reasons to choose us over other mattress cleaners in Melbourne:

  • Highly affordable prices
  • Quality guaranteed mattress cleaning
  • Experienced staff
  • Licensed and certified mattress cleaners
  • Bio-friendly cleaning agents
  • Complete mattress cleaning including dust-mite removal
  • Friendly and Courteous Staff
  • 20 years of industry experience

Do you use any chemical spray on mattress for cleaning?

ANS: No, Spotless mattress cleaning do not use any toxic spray. We use Eco-friendly odourless and colourless spray, which is harmless for both pets and humans.

Can mattress cleaning improve the health of kids?

Kids remain closer to the ground and their immune is not as strong as the adults. They are more likely to catch diseases which are caused by dirt, molds, and fungus that settles under the mattresses.