Mattress Cleaning and Stain Removal By Vodka

Your mattress is the source of your comfort and coziness in your sleep. A mattress is not only your investment but a part of your bedroom comfort. Staining and heavy use can damage the quality and life of the mattress. Every possible stain on the mattress can harbour germs and bacteria and can also lead to the formation of mould if left ignored. Mattress stain removal is necassary to completely get rid of the stain and its aftereffects, some stains like urine, blood can contaminate your mattress, leading to bacterial infections and diseases mattress sanitization is necassary to take care of your health. Urine stains also cause your mattress to stink bad, make sure you get mattress deodourisation done on time. Vodka is a common liquor which can be used in regular mattress cleaning and as mild mattress stain removal agent. Ethyl Alcohol in vodka works well for mattress deodourisation and mattress sanitization simultaneously. Follow this simple guide for mattress cleaning and mattress stain removal by vodka.

Mattress Stain Removal By Vodka
Mattress Stain Removal By Vodka

Steps For Vodka Mattress Cleaning

  • Step 1: Take an empty spray bottle and pour any kind of vodka be it cheap or expensive and fill more than half of the battle. You can also add a few drops of lavender oil for mattress deodourisation as well.
  • Step 2: Spray the vodka from spray bottle liberally all around the mattress and fresh stains can also be sprayed upon till the stain gets saturated with vodka completely. Leave your mattress as it is and let it dry naturally
  • Step 3: For stubborn stains, you should add some white vinegar in vodka and spray this solution on the stain. Use a brush or a sponge to deep clean the mattress and get rid of the stain. Drying up your mattress is necassary after stain removal. Use a hair dryer or fan to fast dry your mattress.
  • Step 4: After the mattress has been dried, you can use a brush or a vaccuum cleaner to finish off mattress cleaning and remove any amount of dirt or mud on the mattress. Vodka will take care of germs and bacteria also will help in getting rid of stains.
     Mattress Cleaning
    Mattress Cleaning

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