Mattress Dust Mites Treatment

Here is Something you Need to Know to Stay Safe for Mattress Dust Mites

It is common for one out of four-person persons to be allergic to dust mites and the one might even be you or your partner. Dust mites are present even in the cleanest of homes and living environment and hence they can go beyond the tolerable levels any time and start affecting you in various forms. The mattress is one place you constantly spend about one-third of your life which is why the possibility of dust mites is high than any other place and here we will let you know how to be clean and keep away from dust mites.

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Mattress Dust Mites Treatment
Mattress Dust Mites Treatment

What are Dust Mites?

Dust mites are microscopic organisms that feed on dead human cells. These eight-leg creature feed on nothing but the numerous dead human cells that fall off from the skin wherever humans exist and that is why it is dust mites become invincible to eradicate completely. However, they can be controlled and restricted of the growth. Dust mites grow rapidly and multiply with time causing more danger to dust mite infection. Dust mites cause allergy from the enzymes that they excrete. Not all are allergic to dust mites but dust mites can cause a serious threat to health if left unattended for a long duration by letting microbes, bed bug, and odor develop on them.

Why is Mattress Prone to Dust Mites?

As said earlier dust mites are prominent in the bedding and mattress mainly because it is where humans spend time more on the same place. Dust mites require a humid condition to multiply and develop. The mattress layered with multiple wraps and humans lying on them all night provides the required humidity for their survival. These dust mites feed on the dead cell and breed in the humid places, making mattress their ideal location seconded by sofas and carpets. Mattress dust mites treatment that is done by professionals using professional vacuum cleaners and sanitizer are the easy way to eradicate them from the mattress.

How do Mattress Cleaning Services Get Rid of The Dust Mites?

Get Rid of The Dust Mites
Get Rid of The Dust Mites

You need professionals to deal with dust mites as they are tiny life forms that are not even visible to the naked eye. Mattress Cleaning Services have industry grade special vacuum cleaner, steamer and a sterilizing solution apart from a cleanser to deal with dust mites and clean the mattress overall.

  • The industrial vacuum cleaner that has the high suction capacity even on the tiniest particles help remove most of the dust on the surface of the mattress.
  • Sanitizer or sterilizer depending on the purpose that cleaning companies use are highly effective in killing not just the dust mites but all microbes on and inside of the mattress.
  • The steamer finishes off by ensuring complete wash out of dust mites and drying the mattress.
  • Some experts go an extra mile by spraying an anti-dust mite serum on the top to prevent further development of the tiny allergy causing organisms which have effect for about a month.

These steps are done in various levels and sometimes more than once to ensure elimination of every dust mite hiding in the seams and creases of the mattress. Make sure you stick to a routine of cleaning your mattress once in six months or lesser if you are allergic to dust mites.

How to Prevent The Growth of Dust Mites?

There is, something more, you can do to keep the dust mites at bay, especially for you those who are allergic to dust mites. As we know the conditions that help in the growth of dust mites reversing them or doing alternated actions is the easiest way to prevent dust mites.

  • Dehumidify your bedroom. Dust mites require high humidity of around 80% for their existence and growth which is normal among mattress and the layers of wraps. Use dehumidifying appliances to bring down the humidity of the room meaning a fresher air and crossing out one of the favorable conditions for dust mites.
  • Anti-dust mite solutions are available in the market which reacts on the dust mites to an extent. Employ them on the surface of the mattress and let it take effect for a few minutes before vacuuming. This can be alternated by a mixture of baking soda and essential oil but still, they are no match to professional mattress dust mites treatment.
  • Use dust mite resistant mattress or dust mite resistant cover. Foam, the fabric that is an ideal for dust mites whereas mattress made of latex (a form of rubber) or latex comforters are very unfavorable for dust mites eliminating the possibility of the unclean mattress.
  • Always use a mattress with pillow cover and wraps so that most of the dead cells are retained in them which can be swapped and washed. These materials are easy to wash once a week. But still dust mite is unavoidable on the mattress which escapes through the pores for which professional cleaning service is required. Do not forget the same for pillow and pillow cover.
Professional Dust Mites Treatments Service
Professional Dust Mites Treatments Service

The Ultimate Solution;

By now you must have understood that you can’t have zero dust mites however clean your home is but you can have the least amount of dust mites by taking precautions, periodic home cleaning and scheduled mattress cleaning services. If you are looking for reliable mattress dust mites treatment, contact Spotless Mattress Cleaning for quality cleaning services for all your carpets, upholstery and mattress. They have the best in class equipment and cleansers to fight dust mites to the core and prevent from growing further.