Mattress Steam Cleaning

How Does Good Maintenance Extend The Life of The Mattress?

There are some home products that are just designed to last without any attention, but some comfy commodities that we use daily, for at least 8 hours a day in the case of a mattress, require periodic care to keep them clean, usable and have a long life. Maintenance has a greater contribution to long life both directly and indirectly. Simply put a well-maintained mattress will last more years than ones that are just laid and forgotten. The unattended one’s cause trouble for your health and sleep quality over time. There are ample of methods which can be used, when it comes to mattress steam cleaning, however, Steam Mattress Cleaning is one method which can be chosen over anything else for a deeper mattress cleaning experience.

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Mattress Steam Cleaning
Mattress Steam Cleaning

What are The Various Factors that Affect Mattress Health and Cleanliness?

The factors governing the health and cleanliness of the mattress is a long list in which we will see the vital ones alone.

  • Climate:

    The place where the mattress is placed has a good amount of impact on the life of the mattress as it ages. Some mattresses tend to beat the other in particular climate like coir mattresses that last very well in Mediterranean climates than tropical. Make a wise choice that goes well with the regional climate. Some options like Latex lasts the same irrespective of the climatic differences.
  • Choice of Material:

    The life of the mattress along with the degradation rate and cleaning requirements all totally dependent on the type of mattress. Foam is by far the easiest maintainable and long-lasting material for mattress getting close to latex while sponges and spring mattress have a lesser life and higher probability of ruining due to other reasons.
  • Protective Garment:

    Mattresses are often enveloped with layers of clothes in the form of the mattress cover, comforter, bedspread and finally the blanket. So, they stop most of the body oils and spills from reaching the mattress. Having two layers is usual and enough to keep them safe against day-to-day usage.
  • Proper Cleaning:

    Cleaning is the biggest responsibility of owning and using a mattress. Cleaning requires advanced techniques of Mattress Cleaning Services, dust mite treatment and sanitization which only is possible by professional cleaning companies. Failing to clean the mattress edge to edge to leads to the unclean mattress and reducing the life of the mattress.
  • Dust Mites:

    Dust mites are microscopic organisms that often live on the surface of the mattress and causes fading of colors and weakening of the fiber in the long run.
  • Mold:

    This fungus is more threat than a dust mite, causing bad odor and breaking down the material in a slow phase from the inside. This has the capacity to loosen the inner material and make the mattress uncomfortable to use.
Mattress Cleaning Services
Mattress Cleaning Services

How is An Unclean Mattress Threat to The User?

Usually, when we opt for the general cleaning methods for mattresses, we end up resting on an unhygienic mattress, however a steam cleaned mattress is one which takes care of the dust and infection, lying deep inside your mattress, which can cause allergies or diseases. Unclean mattress starts ruining the peaceful sleep followed by health hazards which affect the life activities of the user. Improper sleep is caused by bad odor and discomfort in the mattress when the microbes last so long that they start breaking down the material from inside. By disrupting the sleep quality, one loses on productivity and cognitive thinking. Mattress affects directly by causing allergies, headache, inflammation, itchy eyes, etc as an effect of unnoticed dust mites and fungus.

What Should You Do to Extend The Life of The Mattress?

Professional Mattress Cleaning Service
Professional Mattress Cleaning Service
  • Buy:

    The right size of the mattress to fit in the bed. The mattress of larger size is subjected to uneven pressure and cliffing of ends which will loosen the material in the particular region spoiling the structure of the mattress itself.
  • Pack:

    The mattress with proper clothing. Bed cover and bedspread are essential for using a mattress, the comforter is up to personal preference. Having these many layers prevents external factors affecting the mattress directly and even accidental spills are filtered to a certain level. Only use swappable covers and bedspread which you need to change frequently to preserve the hygiene of the mattress.
  • Periodic Professional Cleaning:

    However good and safe you handle the mattress, factors like body oil and dust mites are inevitable. They need professional cleaning mechanism to be washed off completely and have sterilized all over. Hiring experts to do the cleaning has clear benefits of mattress steam cleaning, usage of sterilizing chemical and disinfectant which keeps microbial action away making way for long life.
  • Periodic Check:

    Sticking to a schedule of 6 months is acceptable. But sometimes your mattress might need an early clean up due to bad Odor or disgusting stains which are best treatable when identified the earliest. Keeping an eye on the condition of the mattress is essential.
  • Moisture:

    maintain lesser moisture levels as humid and damp conditions favor the growth of bacteria which affect the health of the mattress and eventually the user.
  • Sunlight Reachability:

    Proper exposure of sunlight on the mattress or at least in the room during the day will eliminate most microbes from the mattress. Make sure to place the mattress where the sun has reach during the day time.
  • Keep Pets Away:

    Pets can cause literal damage to your mattress either by biting and tearing through the mattress are peeing on them. keeping pets away or training them to not get on the mattress is advisable.



Same Day Mattress Cleaning Service
Same Day Mattress Cleaning Service

What You Need to Do?

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