Professional Mattress Cleaning and Unique Procedure

I am happy to recommend Spotless Mattress Cleaning for professional mattress cleaning services. I really got professional cleaning services from this company. They were truly talented in their work. They used a unique procedure to clean my mattress. Thank you!!

Stain Removal

I had some terrible stains on my mattress and it was looking a bit worse for wear, I had someone come and clean my mattress and i was really happy with how clean it looks and how well priced it was.

teresa fuller

Best Mattress Cleaning Company

I had to call Spotless Mattress Cleaning Melbourne a few days back when my son dropped glass of wine and mattress got a big stain of red wine. I tried to cleaned it immediately but didn’t remove. The team arrived the same day to help me avoid sleeping on floor that night. They not just cleaned my mattress but did so at a very awesome price. Thank you for a nice job!


Healthy and Clean Mattress

It feels awesome to know that our mattresses are now clean and healthy. I can sleep peacefully knowing that my family in sleeping in a healthy bed. Thanks to Spotless Mattress Cleaning Melbourne for being friendly, professional and easily approachable. If you haven’t tried their service then you will be amazed at first to see the difference.

- Meg Hayes

Thanks for Excellent Mattress Cleaning

I am penning down this testimonial to say a BIG Thank You! I am pleasantly surprised to see how clean you got my mattresses; lord knows what a bad shape they were in. And now all the stains and smells have disappeared. It seems as if we have purchased brand new mattresses. From punctuality to reasonable pricing – everything about Spotless Mattress Cleaning is commendable. An outstanding job that definitely deserves a big applause!


Absolutely Clean Mattress

All stains gone. All odour gone. Nothing but absolutely clean mattresses are left. Are you guys magicians? Well it seemed so. Wow, the mattresses that I was about to throw have been restored to such a satisfactory level that I can use them for another few years without worrying about my health. Heartiest thanks to the team of Spotless Mattress Cleaning Melbourne.

Rosemary Jurcak

Pet Stain Removal from Mattress

What can you do when your cute little pet comes directly onto your bed after playing in the garden? Nothing much I suppose. But the stains can be cleaned by hiring specialists from Spotless Mattress Cleaning Melbourne. I called them when I faced such a situation and now I don’t bother much about my mattresses as I get them cleaned every year by these pros at an affordable price.


Expert Mattress Anti-Allergen Cleaning

Mattresses tend to attract all sorts of allergens and other contaminants on day to day basis and it is important to get them cleaned regularly. I didn’t know about this fact before I hired Spotless Mattress Cleaning for mattress cleaning. They not just cleaned the mattress but also sanitized it and made it absolutely germ free. They are the experts of mattresses. Thank you.

Michael Dunn 
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