How Do You Disinfect A Mattress?

The bed is the place where an individual spends almost one-third of their lives. If a bed is the cause of a number of health issues then it becomes increasingly difficult to handle. 

As a reason, it is very important to disinfect a mattress once in a while. Disinfecting a mattress might not be that big a task if you call Spotless Mattress Cleaning Melbourne to do it for you, but it becomes somewhat challenging if you are planning to do it yourself. 

Best Mattress Cleaning Service
Best Mattress Cleaning Service

However, there are a few steps and tricks which will help you disinfect your mattress at home without any professional help and also be easy on your pocket.

So In Order to Disinfect your Mattress, You Need to Follow The Below Steps:

  • Using Anti-Bacterial Spray – There are a number of natural and chemical-free anti-bacterial sprays available in the markets these days. These sprays can be used extensively on mattresses for the disinfection process. For this method, you need to remove all dust and lose debris from the surface of the mattress in the beginning. After this method, all you need to do is spray your store-bought anti-bacterial spray on the mattress evenly and leave it on to dry for some time. Most of these anti-bacterial sprays come with a subtle fragrance, if not you can spray some essential oil on it if you like to improve the aesthetics. After a few minutes dip a clean rag in warm water and wipe off the mattress ensuring that it does not get too wet. Leave it on to dry and your mattress is as clean as new.
  • Steam Cleaning The Mattress – During this method, you can make use of any kinds of commercial steamer available at an affordable price. You can rent a steamer as well. For this process, you need to remove all loose dust from the mattress. You can use a garment steamer if nothing else is available to you. You need to be careful while steam cleaning your mattress at home using commercial cleaners. Stick to the process of using small steam bursts all over the mattress covering each inch and each corner. Do not be in a hurry. Take time to clean the lower side and the ends of the mattress as well. Do not make the bed until the mattress is completely dry. Try to air dry it after the process as much as possible.
  • Using Ultra-Violet Radiation – Making use of ultraviolet radiation is also effective in disinfecting mattresses. You can take the help of professionals for the purpose. The UV radiation is very effective in destroying germs from the roots and ensuring that you get the best clean experience.
Mattress Cleaning Service
Mattress Cleaning Service

Once you have disinfected your mattress, try to keep it off the floor as much as possible and also try to keep it clean so that you need not follow the above-mentioned procedures quite often on your mattress to ensure that it is clean and make sure you are protected from some harmful, disease-causing organisms.

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