How to Remove Blood Stain From The Mattress

Blood is a common type of stain. To get rid of blood stains, you need to act fast. Because blood sits fast and becomes permanent over time. If you have a zip cover over your mattress then you can get rid of the stain on an immediate effect, just clean the cover using the washing machine. Apart from this, the only way to clean the blood stains completely is to act immediately.

Below, you’ll read the steps to remove blood from the mattress.

  • Preparing the bed for cleaning

    Take a soft cloth and soak it in cold water, now blot the area with the cloth. Let the cloth soak as much blood as it can. A towel like cloth would be appropriate for this process. Remember, do not use hot water, or the blood will sit more. Repeat this process in every stain affected area.

  • Preparing homemade solution

    There are numbers of ways to prepare a solution.

    Remove Blood Stain From Mattress
    Remove Blood Stain From Mattress
    • Liquid detergent and water.
    • Baking Soda and cold water
    • A paste of cornstarch, hydrogen peroxide and salt.
    • A solution of ammonia and water.
    • Meat tenderizer mixed in water.

    All these ingredients will break down the protein molecules of blood, which will make it easy to clean.

  • Applying the solution

    1. Remember that memory foam mattress shouldn’t be clean using wet solutions, even with a spray. These type of mattress absorb water. The solution might damage the fibre of the mattress and can cause mould problems.

      Quality Mattress Cleaning Services Melbourne
      Quality Mattress Cleaning Services Melbourne
    2. Apply the paste solution and cover the stained area. After 30 minutes when it gets dried, use a brush to remove the paste. Use your vacuum cleaner to suck all the remaining residue.
    3. A wet solution can be sprayed or applied directly onto the stain. After applying use a brush or cloth to scrub the area gently. Once you’re done let the mattress air dry or use a vacuum cleaner to dry it. You can expose the mattress to sunlight, it’ll dry the mattress.
    4. After cleaning and drying, make your bed. Your mattress is now ready to get you asleep again. Use mattress cover, which will protect your mattress from water, urine or any other spills.

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