5 Ways Your Mattress can Impact your Health

A good sleep is essential for your health. However, the quality of your sleep to a large extent is determined by the kind of mattress you sleep on.
Needless to say, a dirty and poorly maintained mattress is not comfortable and, won’t provide you with a sound sleep.

Let’s Have a Look and Understand How Mattresses can Affect your Sleep and, In Turn, Overall Health:

  • Mattress can Serve As a Breeding Ground for Allergies and Infections

    Mattress filled with dirt and dust starts harboring mites within them that trigger allergic reactions. Many of us are sensitive to dust, dirt, contaminants and dust mites that start residing within the mattress. These dust mites feed on the dead skin of humans when they do not find their food they start biting the humans. Their left skin and faces cause allergies, respiratory problems among people thus triggering health problems.

  • A Poorly Maintained Mattress Can Disturb your Posture

    A low-quality mattress, old or a very soft mattress also affects sleep. Such a mattress starts sagging in the center where the body weight is highest. This sagging leads to back pain, inflammation thus disturbing your overnight sleep. Disturbed sleep gives rise to a headache, irritability, and stress thus disturbing your health. The alignment of the spine depends to a large extent on the mattress and off-course your sleeping posture on it. The spine all day works very hard all day and thus requires proper rest. A damaged Mattress Steam Cleaning creates back problems, damages the spines that lead to spondylitis.

  • A Dirty Mattress Can Affect your Sleep Quality

    Sleep is classified into four stages that exist in a segment called as non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (n-REM). Each REM stages of sleep affect blood pressure that is REM reduces the blood pressure thus bringing it to normal levels. A poor or a low-quality mattress interrupts sleep and thus prevents the blood pressure from reducing properly thus raising it. A high BP gives rise to heart problems. On the other hand, bad sleep also prevents stress regulating hormones from being released into the blood thus raising stress and triggering the blood pressure.

  • Mattress Affects your Body Weight

    Mattress also affects the body weight. Bad mattress and thus improper sleep causes you to gain weight thus affecting the hunger levels. The hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin are hunger hormones, among which leptin makes you feel full and ghrelin makes you feel hungry. Disturbed sleep also disturbs their secretion pattern and makes you feel gorged what you want, thus making you gain weight after sometime.

  • An Improper Mattress Can Cause Insomnia

    Mattress also affects your mental state. Bad mattress causes bad sleep thus causing insomnia that leads to depression. Depression is a state of the body that can neither be diagnosed nor defined, in such a state you are not able to focus on your work. Depression also gives rise to other problems in the body thus affecting the overall health.

Thus, it is evident that your mattress can impact your sleep quality to a large extent. Thus, it is highly recommended to clean your mattresses timely, or alternatively, hire a Mattress Cleaning company to take care of your mattresses.

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