Dust mites-threat to a healthy breathing

Troubles come in all size. Mites are not an exception to this. Have you ever wondered that how a small microscopic insect would be the biggest threats your health? Dust mite, which usually forms from the dust accumulation at our house, is creating en number trouble to our health. The saddest truth people are unaware of it. Experts say that dust mites are the major reason for asthma in children and elderly persons. These mites are invisible to eyes, it can’t even be felt. But this invisible microorganism would give itches and other skin allergies if it gets into the human body.

How is dust mites formed?

Dust mites exist in two different varieties the Dermato Phagoides Farine and Dermato phagoides Pteronyssinus. The average lifespan of male dust mites in one month and female can live up to 8 weeks. They usually live in a place where they get enough of food to survive. They mostly feed into the fabrics of the mattress. Research has proven that there are up to 10 million dust mites’ lives in a mattress. They easily come into our body. Mites have 8 hairy legs like the spider, so it when moves in our skin it develops a rash and itch.

How the mites become allergic?

If you’re an allergy-suffering person then save yourself from these itchy mites. Because the dust mites – biggest threat to the allergic suffers. The mites bite is not felt. We can’t even find out its presence. The mites get into our respiratory system and cause us various breathing disease like coughing, sneezing, running nose, stuffy nose and some may even feel difficulty in breathing. People who have wheezing issues are more prone to dust mites. These mites would block their nasal and it till more difficult for them to breath.

Prevention of dust mites

Dust Mites Removal From Mattress Melbourne
Dust Mites Removal From Mattress Melbourne

The exact pesticide to kill the mites is still not found. Though we can’t completely stop this entering our house still we can prevent it getting into our body. Washing the mattress weekly, changing the pillow cover frequently, cleaning the corners of the house where usually the dust gets accumulates, the mist live more in the humid and moist temperature. So it better to keep the blankets in the moderate temperature. Use steam cleaners which is a bad enemy for the mites. Mostly while washing the blankets usage of hot water will be safer. If you have an asthma patient at your home then you must take a step to send all the mites out of your house now. Stay away from dust mites to breathe safely.

 Take the help of professional mattress cleaning services

No matter how well you try to clean your things, there will still be dust mites and germs in the deep ends of your home. Hence it becomes necessary to take the help of experts to get rid of dust mites from the deepest layers of things such as your mattress. Still confused, who to contact to get dust mites wiped off completely? Let us introduce you to Spotless Mattress Cleaning which is a well-established name in pest control services. We have a rich client base and experience of any years.

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